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What We Have to Offer You and Your List:

Have you ever signed up for an affiliate program wondering "Have these guys taken the time to figure out what converts and what doesn't? How do these guys know that their material works with different types of traffic?

Here at Attraction Rockstar, we are DEDICATED not only to our clients, but we go ABOVE and BEYOND for our affiliates.

We love taking the time to find out exactly what it is our affiliates need to promote our amazing content. We want to get the best available copy into the hands of anyone that wants it. Not to mention that we will be there for you if you have any questions for us.

We utilize our "Optimized Sales Funnel" to bring you the Greatest Available Content. We also utilize our Highly-Optimized VSLs and LFSLs to ensure our conversion rate is consistently high and our refund rate low. Not to mention we are constantly split-testing our copy to increase EPC and Conversion - In other words - WE MAKE MORE MONEY, SO YOU MAKE MORE MONEY!

Inside our Affiliates page, you will receive updates from The Attraction Rockstar Team exploring ways to give you the best copy possible, free swipe templates, blog posts by yours truly, articles, and stylized banners with code for you to copy/paste to all your sites and lists.

If there's something we DON'T offer for you that you need - We would be more than happy!

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Richard La Ruina


What Can You Expect From
Attraction Rockstar?

When we started Attraction Rockstar, we had 3 goals in mind:

  1. Make Top-Notch, Quality Products that Engaged Our Clients, and Got Them Instant Results!
  2. Keeping Our Customers Happy So That They Stay Loyal!
  3. Going Above and Beyond For Our Affiliates!

At Attraction Rockstar, we believe that the best way to market and sell our products is by giving Value to our Customers, Affiliates, and their Lists...

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Adam Gilad


The Attraction Rockstar Products:

Text That Girl

Text That Girl:

In our FLAGSHIP Product, I teach our customers everything, from how to get a girl's number, what are the best texts to send to capture her attention immediately and engage her at her emotional core, and how to end a text conversation so that you leave her wanting more...

Swipe Seduction

Swipe Seduction:

I'm talking about Tinder. Also known as the hookup app, and this little invention makes getting laid easier, and faster than driving around town in a Ferrari, with hundred dollar bills sticking out of your zipper...

Text 2 Sex

Text 2 Sex:

In the highly-successful add-on to "Text That Girl," I continue teaching advanced text techniques that are GUARANTEED to get any woman thinking sexually about you, roleplaying with you, telling you her steamiest, juiciest fantasies, and make her full of sexual anticipation...

Click Button Dating

Click Button Dating:

If you haven't been having success with online dating, this product is for you! In Click Button Dating, I break down all my secrets to creating the most intriguing online dating profile possible, one that will guarantee that SHE messages you first! I also explain what type of pictures to post to get her excited, and talk about, in detail, the three most important elements of your profile and how to super-charge these to ensure more dates than ever before...


My List LOVED This Product!
They Literally Ate It Up!

My List LOVED This Product!

Marni Kinrys


Amazing Members Area and
Interactive Community

Member's Area


By constantly developing our content, our members are guaranteed to receive the best possible content, customer service, and attention. - CONSISTENTLY ADDING VALUE

With our brand-new Members Area, as we add new content, members will consistently have new tools to learn from and utilize. - HAPPY CUSTOMERS

A fully-interactive Members Area, where members can interact, post questions, and keep learning from other members. - GREAT RETENTION


It's a Win-Win Situation
The Stuff Converts Really Good
and Guys Love It!


Tony Almeida


Access The Attraction Rockstar
Affiliate Program Today!!

Get Instant Access To Attraction Rockstar's
Complete Affiliate Tool Box

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At Attraction Rockstar, we make as easy as possible for you to make as much money as you want!

So what are you waiting for? We're looking forward to having you join our winning team!

Race dePriest
Race dePriest
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