How To Be Charming – AF

  Here’s all the Cool things we go Over: Blow Rejection out of the water by getting her to chase you! Why trying to Demonstrate your value is a HUGE mistake and what to do instead How to get sexual with a girl within minutes of meeting her Press play already…

Has Life Got You Down? Feeling Lonely? Read This Immediately…

Anything Can Happen In Just One Day Life can really suck sometimes. Especially when it comes to relationships. You can put in effort after effort, put your best foot forward (mine is my right), study and implement new ways to become a better man (or woman)… …And still feel like you are failing at life…. read more »

Avoid Being Rejected

This might sound a bit ridiculous…but I haven’t been rejected in a decade. That’s right…10 years. 120 months. 521 weeks. 3,650 days. You get the idea…but how is this possible? Is it because women can’t resist the allure of my dreamy emerald eyes? Nah, can’t be, because I’ve picked up girls wearing sun glasses. Or is… read more »

How To Seduce Women Like a Greek God

Yo yo yo Attraction Rockstars, My buddy Swinggcat (yeah, I know it’s a silly name) just send me over this damn good article on what it takes to spark crazy sexual desire in women. He calls it the “Evil secret that fills women from head-to-toe with sexual desire” … it’s kinda a long name in… read more »

the REAL reason she rejected you

Ahoy Fellow Attraction Rockstars, My friend Dr. David wrote a guest article for you today, where he’ll reveal the #1 mistake that’s preventing you from getting laid. Trust me… you’re probably doing it. And it’s most likely cost you AT LEAST one girl before. So let’s make sure it doesn’t happen again, OK? Don’t Miss… read more »

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