Stop Getting Numbers and Start Getting Dates

The Back Of Your Head is “Riddddiccculuuuussss”:

So I was on a coaching call with a client yesterday afternoon and we were running through his last weekend out.  I wanted to go through his interactions with women so I could find out what things I could help him improve on so he could get more of the results he wanted out of his dating and social life.

Not surprising, he wanted to get more dates.  I asked him if he was getting numbers from the girls he was talking to. He told me he got 2 numbers that weekend.  I immediately asked him when the dates were with these girls.  He told me he hadn’t set any up yet.

This is a HUGE mistake most guys make.  They wait until the end of the conversation to get a girls number and then think they will set up the date eventually over text or the phone.

This is a very ineffective strategy and here are a few reasons why.

Why Waiting Until She Is Leaving Is a Bad Idea:

  1. The end of the conversation may be an inopportune time. What if her friends come and drag her away and you don’t have time to get her #?
  2. By waiting until the end it looks as if getting her # was the goal of the entire interaction, not genuinely getting to know her.
  3. Numbers gained at the end of a conversation are much more likely to flake because the emotions she was feeling when she gave you her # were not solidified and are much more likely to wear off.
  4. Waiting until the end can make you anxious about getting the #, causing you to act awkward and keeping you from being in the moment and making a genuine connection with her.

This is not to say that you cannot get a girl’s # on the fly. There are definitely circumstances when one or neither of you has the time to sit around and build a connection. Perhaps you met her on the subway and it is now her stop and she needs to get off. No worries – there are a some powerful ways to still build attraction and set a date using techniques in Text That Girl.

So if getting a girls number at the end of the conversation, like most guys do, is not the best time then when is?

I am glad you asked!

The correct answer is you shouldn’t even be worrying about the number!  You should be setting the date.

But how do I set the date Race?

Huddle in and I will tell you.  When the conversation is going along smoothly and you can tell she is digging you, go ahead and introduce an activity that you would like to do with her.  Say, for example, you are an ice-cream fiend.  Simply ask her, “Do you like ice-cream?” (Duh – what girl doesn’t like ice-cream?).  When she says yes ask her, “What’s your favorite flavor of ice-cream?”. When she answers, run away screaming…j/k … Simply, tell her about this awesome Ice Cream spot you know of.  Really build it up as the most awesome Ice cream spot on the planet.  You gotta sell this shiznit.  Get her excited!

Get DatesThen stop…look at her…and say, “You know what, I am going to take you next week.  You HAVE to try their clown flavored ice-cream (or whatever flavor she likes)…it’s the best in town.” How about (insert day of the week or lunar cycle)?”

When she agrees, bingo bango date set.  Can you guess what comes next? Yup, NOW you exchange numbers.  It only makes sense right?  Now that you have a date set you will need a way of communicating in case she gets lost or one of you is running late.  Now the number becomes a side note.  No pressure. Go ahead and let out a sigh of relief.

Want to know why focusing on the date instead of the number is so cool? Well for starters, you don’t have to spend the next 2 weeks trying to coordinate a date over text.  Instead you can use that time to build up more attraction so that when she does meet you on the date she already has her googly eyes out.  Not to mention it just feels good leaving an interaction with an awesome girl knowing you have a fun date in your calendar and not just a crumpled slip of paper in your pocket.

btw I just got a text while writing this from my client and guess how his weekend went? He has 2 dates set up for this week.  Smart!

Race de Priest

Get girls to hit on YOU

Get girls to hit on YOUIt is every man’s dream to get their hands on a little love potion #9 and get girls to hit on you.  If you don’t know what love potion #9 is, watch the movie already!  Ok fine, I will just tell you.  It is magical cologne that when you spray it on you it makes any and every girl who gets a whiff instantly attracted to you. Sounds awesome right?  Cool, for 2 easy and 1 very difficult payment of $19.99 I will send you some. Yeah right, I would keep it all to myself.

But I will give you this awesome little technique that you can use to create attraction with any girl you are talking to by just misinterpreting what she is saying to make it seem like she is hitting on you. See what I mean when I say you will get girls to hit on you

Want to see how it works?


Her: How cute! (looking at a picture/dress/puppy/etc)

You: Aww thank you.  Stop it, I’m blushing 🙂 .

Her: I’m so tired.  I can’t wait to go to bed.

You: Whoa slow down girl, I am going to need to be wined and dined before you can get me into bed.

Presto bango you just made it seem like she was flirting with you! Ok so it isn’t exactly magic but here is the funny thing; when you misinterpret what she says to seem like she is hitting on you it ACTUALLY DOES create attraction.  Not only does it get her to think about you in whatever way you misinterpreted but often times she will try to turn it around to try to get you to chase her.

Get girls to hit on YOUThe fun thing is you can create this attraction by misinterpreting her in a variety of ways.  You can make it seem as though she was including you in her thoughts, had an unintended sexual meaning, or even jokingly assuming that she suggested something negative about herself (always in a funny way).

Here are some actual examples right off my phone.

In Action: 

Jen: “I have a meeting I SO dont want to go to…aghhh”

Race: “Jeeze how often do you have to visit your probation officer…I can pee in a cup for ya if you need… ”

Nicole: “well if you do decide to invite me to that house warming party it better not be just so that I bring over a house warming present…… 🙂 pick your poison…..”

Race: “well arent you so sweet to offer us some poison! i knew you were trying to seduce me from the moment you made me msg you on online… your so tricky! damn you!”

Raquel: “It was so hot outside today…”

Race: “Thinking about me does tend to make people hot and bothered… lol”

Lauren: “Your message was so cute I had to take a peek… You seem like you’d be a pretty fun person”

Race: “Damn girly, you’re already hiding in the bushes peeking through my windows…? lol I hope you didn’t see me in my sponge bob onezee’s… hahaha”

Fun stuff right?!

I go into a lot of different ways to do this in my programs Text That Girl and Click Button Dating.  But what you didn’t know, is you get a bonus side effect out of the deal.  As you practice using these techniques (when you have time to think and craft the perfect response) it trains your brain over time to quickly see opportunities to use them in real time conversation with the cute girl at the coffee shop or the hottie ordering a drink next to you at the bar.  Look at you becoming a master flirt without even knowing it!

You: Race this stuff is awesome!

Me: You think I am awesome?  Awww…stop I am starting to blush 🙂

Race de Priest

Sexual Innuendo Can Create Sexual States Easily

Sexual InnuendoThe Art of Sexual Innuendos is the foundation to creating and building sexual states easily and comfortably with a woman. Because of their effectiveness and ease of use I highly recommend you begin to incorporate them into your texting and face to face interactions with women immediately. Let’s begin by defining a sexual innuendo.

Sexual Innuendos are statements that talk about or describe something non-sexual in a way that alludes to something sexual.

Sexual Innuendos are amazing because they introduce sexuality into a conversation in a fun, seemingly innocent way. Talking about sex is in many ways taboo in our culture so when you bring it out in a fun way, women love to hook onto that. Remember, women think about sex just as much as we do. It also shows you are confidant and can talk about potentially embarrassing topics without fear. It subconsciously puts her at ease because you are giving off the signals that sex isn’t a big deal. This does not mean it can’t be special, meaningful or important but that you are comfortable when it comes to sex and aren’t going to be nervous or freak out when you get into a sexual situation with her.

Example #1

Wednesday, Dec 17 at 11:12:33 PM

Nikki: 7 inches of snow today crazy huh

Thursday, Dec 18 at 12:05:15 AM

Race: 7 inches is quite fulfilling I hear 🙂

Thursday, Dec 18 at 12:06:41 AM

Nikki: Haha nice

Example #2

2/4 9:14 PM

Sara: U don’t think i am capable of sexual innuendos? I am hurt! 🙂

2/4 9:20 PM

Race: In that case I look 4ward to hearing many many more 😉 who knows, maybe someday u will be able to keep up w/ me

2/4 9:25 PM

Sara: U r the the S.I. master. I can be ur pupil

2/4 9:29 PM

Race: Studying under me can be a lot to swallow sometimes (lesson one)

2/4 9:31 PM

Sara: I bow down before u… Oh! Two in one night!

Here are a few more of my favorites that happen all the time:

Her: “I get off at 8”

You:  I LOVE getting off!”  (you can always say after a pause, “off work”. This allows you to allude to the sexual while getting off the hook 🙂

Her: “Wow that was bigger/smaller than I thought”

You: “Yeah, I get that a lot”

As you practice using Sexual Innuendos, you will notice that you begin to see the world in a more sexual way. Certain words will jump out to you, making it easier and easier to come up with new ones on the fly. If you often have trouble moving an interaction with girls in a sexual direction, this is going to do wonders for you.

Well guys that’s all I’ve got for today, I’m about to head to the beach and pretend I know how to surf 🙂 If you got some value out of what I wrote above, check out my Text That Girl Book because I have a whole chapter on it. Ernest Hemmingway gave me a high five after he read it (true story). And if you’re ever in San Diego let me know and let’s grab a beer together.


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Texting a girl when you run out of things to say

Have you ever had the experience where you’re texting a girl and had a great interaction and then you run out of things to say and don’t know what to what to text a girl?  Or perhaps it has been a day or two since your last interaction and you need to know what you should be texting a girl.  It may have ended well but you are stuck on how to start it up again without sounding needy or overbearing.

texting a girlThis used to happen to me all the time. Then one day a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while sent me a riddle.  Without thinking about it, this odd or random thing that he text me out of the blue, caused a strange thing to happen.  My brain immediately went to work trying to figure out the answer.  It totally distracted me from what I might have normally thought or felt getting a text from someone I hadn’t heard from in a while.

Now even if it hasn’t been a while since you talked to a certain girl, this still works wonders. It is a fun way to effortlessly slip into a new conversation thread when texting a girl.  Her mind will immediately be pre-occupied with figuring out (or if she is lazy, finding out) the answer to the riddle.

You have grabbed her attention completely. After all, our brains are wired to immediately search for answers as soon as we ask it questions.

Texting a girl when you run out of things to say:

Let’s check out 2 of my favorites that I use all the time.

Q: What has a bottom at the top?

A: Your legs 🙂

Q: What is brown and sticky?

A: a stick 🙂

The best part is that when you use one of these silly riddles, not only will you be starting a new conversation effortlessly but she will already be in a good mood because the answer is funny.

I’ll show you these two riddles in action.

In Action:

Race: what’s brown and sticky? 3:03 PM

Marisa: Umm? 4:44 PM

Race: a stick 🙂 4:46 PM

Marisa: Ur a dork:) 5:16 PM

Race: haha so you have noticed 5:17 PM

Marisa: But i like it;) 6:30 PM

Race: i am excited for sunday 🙂 7:18 PM

Marisa: Me too me too:) 9:46 PM

Marisa: Where r u? U should come hangout! 2:14 AM

Race: Where? 2:46 AM

Marisa: XS 2:50 AM

Race: Ooh la vanity. How is it? 2:53 AM

Marisa: Fun.. U should come thru…i wanna see u! 2:54 AM

Marisa: ?? 3:32 AM

Marisa: Ummm? 4:06 AM

(I think she really wanted to hang out but I fell asleep… oops)

In Action:

Race: what has a bottom at the top? 10:49 AM

Lauren: hmmmm…? 10:50 AM

Race: your legs of course 😉 10:52 AM

Lauren: lol…clever 10:54 AM

Race: i think it was one of my nephews favorite jokes awhile back lol 11:00 AM

Lauren: I like those corny jokes ; ) Heres one for you…How do you wake up Lady Gaga? 1:08 PM

Race: haha poke her face I am assuming…that was a facebook update phenomenon a while back 1:09 PM

Lauren: oh it was…lol…my students told me that…What did the little mountain say to the big mt? 1:10 PM

Race: Ooh you got me on that one 1:12 PM

Lauren: “Hi Cliff!” 1:12 PM

Race: Haha nice one 1:53 PM

Often times girls will throw a riddle back at you. This is a great way to learn new ones that you can use in the future.  One time I went 2 hrs with a girl sending new riddles back and forth.  Not only was it fun but I got a lot of brain exercise in that day.

Another funny side effect of using riddles to start up new conversations is sometimes you will get back some pretty funny replies from clever girls.  Check out this one I got just yesterday texting a girl…

Race: what has a bottom at the top? 11:59 AM

Sara: A gayman 12:00 PM

Race: haha clever…I was going to say your legs 12:00 PM

Sara: My punchlines better 🙂 12:01 PM

Race: do you want a cookie or perhaps a gold star? 12:12 PM

Sara: Gold star gold star!!! 12:19 PM

Pretty funny huh?

There are thousands of silly riddles like this.  Just Google “silly riddles” and find some.  You want them to be a one liner and have a funny answer.

After the riddle you can simply transition into a normal conversation using the texting tips and techniques in Text That Girl.

Q: Who is getting out their phone right now to send a riddle to a girl?


Ok so that wasn’t actually a riddle but you get the idea.  Have fun with this one and I hope it helps you when you’re texting a girl…

Race de Priest Commercials and How I Got Featured in Them Commercials

So how did I end up being on several commercials that are currently playing on television all over the USA and Canada?

Well to tell you the truth it started when I was broke.  I had no car, lived on a friends couch and had no job.  But that didn’t keep me from wanting to have a bunch of attractive, fun girls in my life.  Where I was living at the time was far away from any place where women flocked like a mall or bar or movie theatre.

So I turned to the only resource I had at the time…the internet.  I set up a profile on every free social networking site that had women.  My buddy and roommate at the time, Kelly Kellam, was a traveling rockstar who used these sites to attract new fans and get his music out there.  What he noticed was, the way he set up his profile was attracting a very peculiar ratio of fans to his shows. Almost everyone who came to his shows were women!  We are talking about in the 90 percentile!

So of course I asked him how to set up my profiles on different sites.  With his guidance (which was very counterintuitive)…

I ended up getting far more messages than I could handle which eventually led to getting featured in Commercials…

When I was ready to expand my experience to paid online dating sites, I applied the same principles I learned years ago from Kelly along with all the new insights I had gained from meeting up with countless girls online.  Here is where it gets crazy.  The profile I set up on (a duplicate I perfected on other sites) not only got me a ton of messages daily from cute girls wanting to meet me but ended up giving me my 15 minutes of fame lol.

My profile was set up in such an attractive way (wording, types of photos, conveyed personality, etc) that the marketing team at came across my profile and immediately contacted me to be in one of their selective 3 Commercials they were about to film. Funny enough, one of the other people they contacted was a business partner of mine who I had helped set up his match profile.  Clearly this stuff works lol.

Anyways, here is one of the Commercials I am in… try not to tease me too much lol.

It was a fun experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I am constantly amazed at how having a well-crafted profile online will constantly work for you to attract new girls, new friends and new opportunities. In my opinion, it is one of the best investments out there!

There are millions of awesome, beautiful, fun women online right this second… you can learn more tips on creating a killer profile  in my course Click Button Dating and start meeting them now.  Who knows, you could be in one of the next commercials 🙂

Race de Priest